Manufacturing Facility

State-of-the-art cGMP compliant manufacturing facility located 45kms south-east from Mumbai city.

Easy access from Mumbai port & Nhava Sheva port thus facilitating quick and safe movement of import & export cargo to the dock Zero Liquid Discharge Facility (ZLD)

R & D

R & D is a very important part of our manufacturing operations.

Key R & D achievements in the last few years

1. 3 Cyano Pyridine reaction catalyst developed and commercialized by our in hose R & D team. The catalyst used in our process was developed and commercialized at a fraction of the cost at which it is procured by our competitors from vendors. Our catalyst has a shelf life of 5 years as compared to 4 years which is being used by our competitors. The conversion rate of 3 Cyano Pyridine during the reaction is 20% more than other manufacturers.

2. Historically unreacted Beta Picoline was being extracted from Niacin ML in a batch extraction process. The same was developed & commercialized in to a continuous extraction process by our team. This has resulted in a quicker and larger recovery quantity of the unreacted Beta Picoline from the Niacin ML.

3. Niacin sulphate is an intermediate stage during the manufacturing of Niacin. A sedimentation/settling process of the Niacin sulphate ML was developed by the team which has directly increased the yield by 2.5% of total output.

4. Niacinamide was being produced in a batch operation. A continuous process was developed and commercialized by our team to a continuous one. This resulted in an increase of capacity by 15% with no additional capital investment. This is a one of a kind process developed and being used only by Lasons.

5. A certain quantity of Niacin is recovered from the Niacinamide ML during the manufacturing process of Niacinamide. The recovery process was developed and commercialized by our team which reduced the recovery process time from 16 hours per batch to 6 hours per batch. This significantly increased the capacity and reduced costs.

6. Ammonia gas is used during the manufacturing process of Niacin and Niacinamide. Our team developed and commercialized a technology to trap the ammonia gas after being used in the process and recycle the same efficiently. This has reduced the use of the gas by 5% thereby reducing cost.

7. 2,3 Lutidine, 3,5 Lutidine & 4 Cyano pyridine are products being largely imported from China. Our team developed and commercialized the technology to manufacture these products from industrial waste from Japan which was being incinerated. This has reduced the imports of the products from China and increased the bottom line of Lasons. In spite of the source material being a highly complex mixture our technology allows us to supply these products to the pharmaceutical applications.

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